In an Ideal World, Stories are Meant to be Shared

May 5, 2015 by

It has always been said that when a thought comes to mind, one must write it down. The great American author Maya Angelou once said in her book I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings that, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Essentially, stories are meant to be told, and when they get lost into imagination, they still get passed down as a myth. And with that, it only means that every story has a place in the world.


The medium of communication has changed throughout the years. Back when writing was invented and letters were sent day after day, not everyone could find their voice. Everyone always has something to write and talk about and when letters get sent and received by the numbers, ideas tend to drown out. Back then, these stories tend to get lost in the monasteries and scriptoriums as scribers can only make a limited number of handiwork every day. The world had to do something about it because even history has revealed time and time again that stories are meant to be shared. A few advancements in technology and an inspiration, which struck inventor Johann Gutenberg, gave birth to the printing press, a time when books and similar paraphernalia were truly born.


Though ancient form of writing has given society a glimpse of the culture and society of the past, it was only during the printing press era when ideas and stories got produced in numbers. Newspapers came into play and books were sold in stores and a few years more, magazine showed the trends and brochures pioneered businesses and trade. Society was given a wider medium to spread information and it was much more accessible than it used to be. Rumors and hearsay became news and information as they get passed on from place to place. Facts were written down in books and ideas began to flourish and grow as a result of the broad access to information thus making an impact in society. However with great things come great opportunities.


storytellingThe world overflew with ideas and stories. Some were harmful and some were exaggeratedly forbidden. Censorship came into play and writers and journalists were silenced. When there was discord among the people, they were forced to write harmony plagued in lies. When there were demons standing as leaders, they were to write that heaven is upon us. Ideas were not only dying but were also disallowed, leaving society with only a small room for progression. Though different sides may argue about the value of censorship and its importance for politics, the books that went down in history as a cultural impact often battle censorship. Madonna’s book titled Sex was panned and criticized in its release, even as far as saying it was a career killer. But over time, it proved otherwise. Amidst the controversies, Sex made a modern representation of sexuality for all genders, inspiring a lot of outstanding literature for erotica and romance.


As the world progressed, so did the medium of communication. The Internet brought an international range of information that even news from Asia can impact culture and politics in North America. This further proves that stories and information is a form of education and has the power to turn the tides of normalcy. This is what IDEALS is all about. IDEALS is made to be an online resource for exchange of various news and different views for everyone to use, having the ease and access of modern technology and without the limitations that history taught us to avoid. It is meant for international education, spanning a broad range of topics to further spread the importance of written fact and truth. IDEALS believes that the world was built on contradicting views. It becomes a medium that paves the road to meet halfway and let stories progress into ideals that allow progression and societal representation be challenged.


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Strengthening Technical Education and Community Colleges is the Best Way Moving Forward

Apr 30, 2017 by

studentsOne of the many problems faced by countries around the world is underemployment. There are a lot of college graduates who can’t find a job because the degree they have graduated from does not suit the current demand. There are a huge number of graduates in the field of social sciences and arts when there is a limited demand for people in this field.

On the other hand, there is a huge demand for technical and skilled workers, while the supply is very limited. This only means that the government has to put more emphasis on the importance of technical education. It also means that community colleges offering these courses have to be strengthened. This is one of the best ways to meet the demands of the market. Otherwise, there will be a surplus of graduates who can’t find a job while certain fields remain understaffed because there are not enough people who can qualify for those jobs.

One way to attract students to take up a technical course is by letting them know about the demand for the job. If they understand how easy it would be for them to get a job after graduation when they finish these courses, they will be more motivated.

Another motivation is the amount that they will receive for working in these fields. The stereotype that these are just low level skilled jobs should be eradicated. They need to understand the importance of these jobs and how the absence of workers in this field could raise huge problems.

Success in many ways 

Just because you did not end up being a doctor or a lawyer does not mean you are no longer successful people. You define your own success. The point is to do whatever it is that you love and be of help to other people along the way.

Taking up blue collar jobs is one way for you to be of help to others. For instance, you can be a plumber and save people from plumbing problems just like what Sam Dunn plumbing does. You may also study automotive courses and learn how to fix cars. These are jobs that are beneficial to a lot of people.

Plan your future 

Don’t be easily persuaded by how people define success in life. Just focus on finding a job that can make you survive and buy everything that you need in life. You should also not feel bad just because you are not studying in an Ivy League School. Instead, you are enrolled in a community college. Graduating courses from a community college is still something you can be proud of. Besides, it is still possible for you to pursue a degree from a university later in life.

If countries want to solve underemployment, there should be emphasis on technical education. There are a lot of people who may be interested in enrolling in these courses. As they don’t know more details, it is difficult to convince them. Once they fully understand the value of technical education, convincing them to pursue this path would be easier.


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Promote Global Education During Corporate Parties

Mar 27, 2017 by

pexels-photoGlobal education is something that should be promoted. It doesn’t only allow academic exchange, but also provides the chance to deepen cultural understanding. Those who are involved learn other people’s languages, customs and beliefs. They also become more open-minded.

Not everyone wants to take a risk though. This is mostly due to their uncertainties. They are afraid to jump on something without the right information. They are only interested in taking the chance if they know what they are heading into.

Organize a party 

One of the best ways to capture the attention of people to try out overseas education is by organizing parties. This allows younger audiences to understand deeper the goal of global education. Of course, this should not be just an ordinary party.

Not only will you serve food and drinks, but you also need to run a program. The goal of the party is to not just have fun, but to also provide information. Speeches should be made. This will let everyone know about the goal of global education.

Testimonials should also be available. Students who have graduated overseas or have tried studying abroad for a while must be given the opportunity to speak. This will encourage others to follow their footsteps. Provide the guests a chance to ask questions as well.

Brochures must also be available at the venue of the party. For those who can’t grasp the information given during the program, they can easily take the brochure home. Phone number for inquiry must also be available or websites where they can get more information.

The party must be fun too

Although the goal is to provide information, the guests must remain interested until the end. Otherwise, they will leave. Others won’t even be enticed to attend the party to begin with.

Entertainment must be available. Performances should be there especially if you are targeting younger audiences. No one wants to be seated for several hours to just hear speeches. They also want to dance and have fun. Adelaide corporate entertainment should be contacted if you are hosting the event in the area.

Spread the word

Encourage those who have attended the party to inform others about overseas opportunities. You may also host a similar party the next time around. Again, there are a lot of people out there who are interested in studying overseas.

They just don’t have the right information to convince them to go for it. If they are given the information necessary, it will be easy for them to make up their minds. With testimonials from previous students, they will be enticed even more.

We are now living in a borderless world. Immigration is an integral part of any community. There might be some governments discouraging the rise of immigration, but it is inevitable. We are connected in many ways. Maximizing this opportunity would be great. Those who will study overseas have the chance to explore life outside their country, but also go back eventually to bring back the knowledge they have obtained. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

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4 Reasons to be Motivated in Studying in the US

Mar 19, 2017 by

notes-macbook-study-conferenceConsidering the atmosphere in the United States right now, perhaps it is difficult for you to imagine studying there if you are from a different country. Even those who have been in the country for a long time are no longer safe considering Trump’s policies. It doesn’t mean though you should put on hold your dreams to be in the US.

If you have passed an admissions test and you are financially capable of going to another country to pursue your education, nothing should stop you. Perhaps, it is difficult to be convinced at this point. Here are 4 reasons why it is still worth taking the risk studying in the US even if the situation is really bad right now.

The US is still home to some of the best universities

If you check out international university rankings, the US is doing way better than many other countries around the world. The top 10 best universities in the world are mostly from the US. Even if you go further down the top 50 or 100, the US is still dominant. You might have to scroll further down if you wish to see top universities from other smaller countries. In short, if you are in search for quality education, nothing should stop you from going to the US.

Trump won’t be there forever

Electing Trump might have taken the US a step backward, but this is just a blip. If you go back in the history of the United States, they have experienced tons of setbacks before. They didn’t stay there though. They have moved forward. This is how loud the voices of the American people are. Trump might not even be elected after 4 years. Better yet, he won’t even be given the chance to finish his term. Considering his ties with Russia and the scandals rocking his administration on a daily basis, he can be easily kicked out of office.

There are more job opportunities in the US

Don’t listen to hateful rhetoric against immigrants. The US needs immigrants. They can’t survive without people like you who have talent and skills. Immigrants have helped shape the country to what it is now. No matter how they try to vilify immigrants, they will surely need foreign workers to fill the needs of the market.

Meet more celebs

Of course, studying is not all about academics. It is also about having fun. As the adage goes, school is not a preparation for life. School itself is life. You have the chance to meet big people whom you have always wanted to see. Watch musicals in theaters. Attend concerts. See awards shows. There are a lot of exciting things that you can try when you are in the US. For instance, you can buy the Justin Moore concert tickets and attend his concert especially if you are a big fan of country music.

In short, don’t close your doors about studying in the US. You will reap tons of benefits eventually if you decide to pursue your education there.


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Raising Funds to Create Bathrooms for Impoverished Countries

Dec 19, 2016 by

You always say that you don’t have beautiful bathrooms or they are not big enough for you to enjoy. Before you even complain, you have to understand that there are countries in this world where a lot of their people don’t even have bathrooms to begin with. They have to rely on whatever it is that they can find in order to defecate and bathe. These people need your help. For someone like you who is lucky enough to have a good life, you need to at least give back to communities that need help.

Organize charity events

It helps if you take some time off to organize charity events. You can raise funds in which the proceeds will go directly to those who are in need. You can organize concerts, pageants, and other competitions where you can sell money and raise funds. You may also host a fundraiser dinner where you show to your guests the reality in those countries and make them realize just how much other people need help.

Organizing these events is not difficult if you tap help from other people. You can ask those who have time to spare to help you out. You can invite your friends especially those whom you know have enough money to give out to those in need. You may also partner with local governments or private corporations to help you in this endeavor. You can even ask help from companies that install bathrooms or seek help from plumber Rostrevor companies. They can extend help by providing their services for free. This will help a lot in making your vision a reality.

Changing lives one day at a time

You may not be able to help everyone who has no clean or secure bathroom. However, you can at least do something to some people and change their lives in one way or another. You can only imagine yourself on their situation. Think about how your life would be if you have to walk miles just to get clean water to bathe or not even bathing at all despite the weather because you need to use water for something else more important.

You can do something to be of help and you must make use of what you have to reach out to them. By tapping other people or organizing events that will make them spend their time and resources wisely; you can change people’s lives.

For you, this might not seem significant. After all, you are thinking of how you can make your bathroom at home even more posh. For these people though, it means life and death. Having a bathroom at home should be something basic. However, for those who have pretty much nothing in life, it is not the priority. The most important thing is for them to have something to eat and a shelter to protect them from the scorching heat of the sun. Since you have the capacity to help, try to do whatever you possibly could.


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Where to Look For Musical Instruments to Buy

Sep 15, 2016 by

If you are currently planning to buy a new musical instrument but you do not know where to buy or look for it then you have come to the right place. In this post, you will get to have ideas where you can start looking guitars in the places that are listed down below.

So the first place where you can look to buy a new musical instrument is Facebook. It is where you can find new and also used musical instruments. There are a lot of buy-and-sell pages that were created where you can also take advantage. What you need to do is to join buy and sell pages where you can post there that you are looking for a guitar for example like the ones that you are specifically looking for so that sellers will see and respond to your post if they have something that can offer to you. Or also through Facebook, you will also have recommendations where are the best guitars for sale Adelaide if you are in the area. So this means that if you do not have any idea where to buy new or used instruments then Facebook is the first place where you can start looking for.

Then, another place where you can look for musical instrument shops is to look through yellow pages. It is where you can search for music instrument shops near you and you can have their contact number. So what you can do is to search music instrument shops in yellow pages then get their contact number and you can ask if what types of guitar that they have in their shop or if they have that one particular make and model of the musical instrument that you are looking for.

And then one of the things that you can do if you are looking for musical shops where you can buy new and used musical instrument is that you can ask the people around you if they know a highly reputable music shop in your local area that they can recommend. So what you can do is to ask the people around you such as your family and friends if they know a musical instrument shop in your local area or you can tell them that you are looking for the particular make and model of a musical instrument so that they can tell you or look for it on behalf of you as well. By asking, this becomes the power of the word of the mouth which means that once you ask your family and friends about it, they can also ask their respective family and friends about it.

Therefore, looking musical instrument shops where you can buy the instrument that you are looking for would not be that so hard if you would know where to start looking for. And if you are not an expert with that particular instrument, always bring an expert with you to ensure that you get the one that is perfectly fit for you.

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