In an Ideal World, Stories are Meant to be Shared

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It has always been said that when a thought comes to mind, one must write it down. The great American author Maya Angelou once said in her book I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings that, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Essentially, stories are meant to be told, and when they get lost into imagination, they still get passed down as a myth. And with that, it only means that every story has a place in the world.


The medium of communication has changed throughout the years. Back when writing was invented and letters were sent day after day, not everyone could find their voice. Everyone always has something to write and talk about and when letters get sent and received by the numbers, ideas tend to drown out. Back then, these stories tend to get lost in the monasteries and scriptoriums as scribers can only make a limited number of handiwork every day. The world had to do something about it because even history has revealed time and time again that stories are meant to be shared. A few advancements in technology and an inspiration, which struck inventor Johann Gutenberg, gave birth to the printing press, a time when books and similar paraphernalia were truly born.


Though ancient form of writing has given society a glimpse of the culture and society of the past, it was only during the printing press era when ideas and stories got produced in numbers. Newspapers came into play and books were sold in stores and a few years more, magazine showed the trends and brochures pioneered businesses and trade. Society was given a wider medium to spread information and it was much more accessible than it used to be. Rumors and hearsay became news and information as they get passed on from place to place. Facts were written down in books and ideas began to flourish and grow as a result of the broad access to information thus making an impact in society. However with great things come great opportunities.


storytellingThe world overflew with ideas and stories. Some were harmful and some were exaggeratedly forbidden. Censorship came into play and writers and journalists were silenced. When there was discord among the people, they were forced to write harmony plagued in lies. When there were demons standing as leaders, they were to write that heaven is upon us. Ideas were not only dying but were also disallowed, leaving society with only a small room for progression. Though different sides may argue about the value of censorship and its importance for politics, the books that went down in history as a cultural impact often battle censorship. Madonna’s book titled Sex was panned and criticized in its release, even as far as saying it was a career killer. But over time, it proved otherwise. Amidst the controversies, Sex made a modern representation of sexuality for all genders, inspiring a lot of outstanding literature for erotica and romance.


As the world progressed, so did the medium of communication. The Internet brought an international range of information that even news from Asia can impact culture and politics in North America. This further proves that stories and information is a form of education and has the power to turn the tides of normalcy. This is what IDEALS is all about. IDEALS is made to be an online resource for exchange of various news and different views for everyone to use, having the ease and access of modern technology and without the limitations that history taught us to avoid. It is meant for international education, spanning a broad range of topics to further spread the importance of written fact and truth. IDEALS believes that the world was built on contradicting views. It becomes a medium that paves the road to meet halfway and let stories progress into ideals that allow progression and societal representation be challenged.


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