writerA freethinker and a writer, David Green loves the idea of free form of thought and expression. He often writes about his ideas on a piece of paper and lets it flourish before compiling it into an article. He has written about different worldviews, spirituality, enlightenment and self-growth. As he is a writer, David Green is also a big reader. Reading is one of his favorite hobbies, as he also believes that every book is an adventure. He often mentions his favorite books are all about inspirational thoughts and stories from history and the modern society. He believes that, “Every written form has the power to educate and take away the education it has began to provide.” Green has often used reading and writing as a form of education for children and adults likewise. When David is not writing, he mostly manages his online resources

IDEALS was founded as an inspiration when David read about the history of the printing press. One book led to another and Green found himself reading about books that often challenged the limitations imposed in writing. Green was inspired by the undertaking traversed by the legendaries, often finding them idealistic. Green carries a vision that one day children, and adults in some angles, would appreciate the importance of communication and resources more than what modern society accounts it for.

Green always says that nothing helps us more than providing a free form of communication. Many marvelous thoughts have been written in history but with one-of-a-kind idea, a hundred or possibly a thousand ideas probably get lost. Green goal for IDEALS is to change of all that. That every story has a purpose and a place in the world, for a single story has saved many lives and built opportunities for the silenced.