4 Reasons to be Motivated in Studying in the US

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notes-macbook-study-conferenceConsidering the atmosphere in the United States right now, perhaps it is difficult for you to imagine studying there if you are from a different country. Even those who have been in the country for a long time are no longer safe considering Trump’s policies. It doesn’t mean though you should put on hold your dreams to be in the US.

If you have passed an admissions test and you are financially capable of going to another country to pursue your education, nothing should stop you. Perhaps, it is difficult to be convinced at this point. Here are 4 reasons why it is still worth taking the risk studying in the US even if the situation is really bad right now.

The US is still home to some of the best universities

If you check out international university rankings, the US is doing way better than many other countries around the world. The top 10 best universities in the world are mostly from the US. Even if you go further down the top 50 or 100, the US is still dominant. You might have to scroll further down if you wish to see top universities from other smaller countries. In short, if you are in search for quality education, nothing should stop you from going to the US.

Trump won’t be there forever

Electing Trump might have taken the US a step backward, but this is just a blip. If you go back in the history of the United States, they have experienced tons of setbacks before. They didn’t stay there though. They have moved forward. This is how loud the voices of the American people are. Trump might not even be elected after 4 years. Better yet, he won’t even be given the chance to finish his term. Considering his ties with Russia and the scandals rocking his administration on a daily basis, he can be easily kicked out of office.

There are more job opportunities in the US

Don’t listen to hateful rhetoric against immigrants. The US needs immigrants. They can’t survive without people like you who have talent and skills. Immigrants have helped shape the country to what it is now. No matter how they try to vilify immigrants, they will surely need foreign workers to fill the needs of the market.

Meet more celebs

Of course, studying is not all about academics. It is also about having fun. As the adage goes, school is not a preparation for life. School itself is life. You have the chance to meet big people whom you have always wanted to see. Watch musicals in theaters. Attend concerts. See awards shows. There are a lot of exciting things that you can try when you are in the US. For instance, you can buy the Justin Moore concert tickets and attend his concert especially if you are a big fan of country music.

In short, don’t close your doors about studying in the US. You will reap tons of benefits eventually if you decide to pursue your education there.


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